New Mom Ultimate Care Kit

New Mom Ultimate Care Kit

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You made it Mama! You gave the world the most beautiful human being

Now let's take good care of this amazing body that has been through so much. The pack is maint to help you heal fast, produce milk and maintain your supply and loose the weight you have taken months accumulating. 

The kit contains

- The postpartum recovery blend

This blend has anti inflammatory properties to drastically reduce the swelling. The chamomile and moringa will soothe your body and help rebalance your energy and emotions.

- The weight management blend 

This in-between meal tea will stimulate weight loss, improve blood sugar levels and increase metabolism. It is a rich combination of Pu Erh tea and gymnema that put the cravings at bay. Have you ever heard of gymnema? It has been used for decades to treat diabetes, malaria and even as snake bite antidote. And yes it is safe to use.

- The lactation blend

This blend of herbs has been used for ages to stimulate milk production. We know you are looking to produce enough for your baby, and we are encouraging you in that journey. Take three cups a day to enhance and prolong your milk production.