About us

Handcrafted, herbal teas for women at every stage of their life. 

YAE Organic Teas is your source of locally blended organic teas to inspire you to live your best life daily.

 Take a pause from your busy schedule and enjoy all of what life has to offer while being healthy and happy. Break away from the narrative that it is okay to suffer from certain pains as a woman. 

 From the moment you start working, whether it's taking off in your career or as a homemaker, your priorities change and your health takes the back seat. You sigh wishing you could pause life for a moment to relax. YAE Organic Teas’ goal is to brew and bring back our health and wellness to the center of your life.

 As a mom of three young girls, Vanessa, has seen and lived through the experiences of being a woman at all stages of life — from periods, childbirth, postpartum recovery to weight loss, you name it. 

Using her expertise as a chemist and life experiences, Vanessa understands where women are at in their lives and how to meet their needs.  As a chemist, Vanessa has created each compound in a blend to work uniquely to achieve health and wellness. Unlike other brands, we not only focus on wellness, but health too. 

YAE Organic Teas’ mission is to address health issues that women face so they can live life to the fullest.

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