The future is better if we plan and work now to make it happen

Let’s plunge into the process of tea plant growth. Plants and human beings have at least one thing in common: they need to be well nurtured to be able to grow and live happily. 

It’s a remarkably simple process from outside yet complex from inside for tea plants to develop and produce those aromatic, delicious and savory organic teas.

We too should be more interested in the dynamics from within our body and mind to be able to “blossom” to our full potential, rich of joy, faith and love. 

So how can we nurture ourselves to make sure we blossom and produce great fruits:

1- Start with a quiet time every day

Brew some tea, or some coffee. Take the time to reflect and be grateful for three things in your life. Write those three things down. Also write down one thing that you are not happy about and would like to see change. You gain extra points if you point out what can be done to change that one thing. 

2- Can you take a daily walk

Dress warm( this article is written while it’s -20 degrees in Ottawa, Ontario) and spend 20 minutes outside with yourself and the fresh air. 

3- Call an upbeat person

We all have that one person we know that’s always in a good mood. The folk that will make you laugh to tears over a 15 minutes conversation. Can you think of that one person? Yes? Good, call that person today!

4- Loud music and dancing? Yessss

We don’t have a lot of places to go with the pandemic still in full swing. But you sure can have your very own private dance party at home. You will burn some calories while having some fun.  So just do it! 

5- Pay it forward

Do you know the feeling of satisfaction you get from doing something good to someone else? No, you don’t? Ok let’s fix that. Choose to donate some time or money to a charity; pick up grocery for an elderly neighbour or send a quick love message to a partner ( even if they are working in the same office space as you. It’s always a nice surprise).  

All these tips are not quick fixes but like the water and soil help tea plants to grow and develop the best aromas, doing these things regularly will produce a better and happier you. 

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