Start a new drinking habit!

We are repeatedly told to drink lots of water and that it is a good habit to have but do we take the time to really consider some of the advantages of this simple yet powerful way to fill the tank of our one and unique vessel.

Experts recommend eight 8-ounces glasses (about two liters) per day. Staying hydrated is a necessity, no matter what the temperature is. Drinking too much water can be dangerous because it can dilute the amount of sodium in the body. This imbalance could cause serious health problems, such as confusion and seizure. As in many things in life, the goal here is to find the right balance for water needed for our body.

Water brings many benefits to our body and here are a few:

  • carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cells
  • regulating our body temperature
  • flushing bacteria from our bladder
  • helping for transit and digestion and preventing constipation
  • maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance
  • stabilizing our heartbeat and normalizing blood pressure

 You may sometimes need to drink more water/fluids than usual if you:

  • are exercising intensely, especially in a hot climate
  • are sick (for example flu or have a health problem like a urinary tract infection)
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding

When trying to start a new water drinking habit, it can feel overwhelming but stick with it. To help you get started, you can add some fruits to your water and even loose-leaf tea. Yes! You read that right. Loose leaf tea in your water might help you with the taste but will also create a great vibe. You can have your loose-leaf tea in cold or hot water it doesn't really matter, the key here is to stay hydrated.

Would you commit to drinking a little bit more water for the next week and come back to let me know how you feel in the comments section? If you are not a loose-leaf tea addict already, may I suggest you to try the Ayurvedic balance blend which will help you balance your energy, re-focus all while keeping your body hydrated.

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