Spring Cleaning

For those living in the northern hemisphere, the spring season is here already and that is a great time to think about decluttering at all levels of our lives.

Due to the pandemic, the past year was spent mainly indoor for most people. Therefore, we might be feeling overwhelmed and saturated, even imprisoned which makes decluttering even more relevant this year. Who does not need a fresh start?

As you start thinking about decluttering, reflect on the areas that need improvement. Your mind, your relationships or your home are all great places to start.

  • Decluttering your mind

Take some time to journal. It might not be possible to journal daily but why not commit an hour today to seat down, light a candle, make yourself a cup of tea and think...Think about all the positive things that have happened in the past year and write them down. Are you alive? That’s a positive. Do you have a job? That is worth celebrating. Do you have loved ones? That’s something to be grateful for. The idea is to write down and celebrate the big things, the small things and everything in between. The positivity and gratefulness will help you combat anxiety and fear. Please give it a try.

  • Decluttering your relationships

Is it maybe time to let go of a toxic friendship that has been taking away your energy? Or maybe it’s time to rekindle love between you and a sibling. Whatever it is, choose one relationship to let go off and one to rekindle. Write those two down as well as your strategy for each. It will be great to look back in a few years and celebrate how far you got.

  • Decluttering your home

If you tend to feel overwhelmed when you look at a mountain of work, may be try something different this year. Commit to a smaller area of the house where the impact will be immediate. For our family, the living area tends to accumulate a lot of stuff during the year. We have mail seating in all different places, kids’ work and unknown things on the mantel, the kitchen counter is full of things we have not used in a year… You get the picture. That is where our focus will be, taking out all that accumulated clutter as we are probably going to continue living in this space for the rest of the pandemic lockdowns.


“…Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  Albert Einstein

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