Body Positivity

For too long now, our society considered certain body types and sizes as most acceptable. In most countries recognition, appreciation and esteem have been given to those of us whose appearance fits within a certain ideal. Quite often, this "ideal body" involves muscularity, thinness or body shape.

Through various medias (tv, billboards, sports, online ads...), what is considered as attractive, beautiful/handsome or appropriate body type and size can be seriously damaging for many people and their self-esteem. These expectations can lead to mental health issues, discouragement, body dissatisfaction and unhealthy behaviors around diet and exercise.

Let's encourage each other to:

- love to appreciate each grain of our body and see it as a unique and valuable part of the beautiful mosaic of culture and people

- set targets, not against others, but targets coming from our own choices and decisions. It is with this in mind that we created the weight management blend to cheer you on your way to achieving your own targets.

- remember that body is an arrangement of molecules, nothing more.

- embrace healthy habits not for comparison/competition but simply to be healthy and feel good.

- take some time each day to relax and recharge your main asset, which is your body!

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